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featuring Alicia Rau

1. What a Difference a Day Makes (Grever/Adams)

2. Ndank Ndank (Rau)
3. I've Got a Great Idea (Connick, Jr.)
4. Xaley Yoofi Geej (Rau)

Alicia Rau trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals & kalimba; Adam Lomeo guitar; Marcus McLaurine bass; Bruce Cox drums; Alioune Faye sabar, tama talking drums (track #4)


featuring Alicia Rau

1. Cheryl (Parker)
2. It Never Entered My Mind (Rodgers/Hart)


Premik - Russell Tubbs

1. Ki Sundaro (Tubbs) impromptu studio recording
(Rau on flugelhorn)


The Love Dogs
In the Beautiful Future

1. Peace Warriors (Coleman)
( Rau on muted trumpet)
2. 19 Times in 17 Years
3. Levitation Grain

Gordon Gano & The Ryans

1. Wave and Water (Gano)
( Rau on trumpet)

Cici James

1. Clock Keeps Ticking (James)
( Rau on flugelhorn along with Jessie Blum)



Tessa Perry

1. Weightless (Perry)
( Rau on Trumpet)




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