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featuring Alicia Rau on flugelhorn & vocals
Adam Lomeo on guitar
Marcus McLaurine on bass
Paul Francis on drums


Dinner on the Riviera
In a stunning performance, Alicia Rau haunts and taunts the West Village as
'La Strega 'Strumpetta in Dinner on the Riviera,a new and original film that will
premiere Autumn, 2010. Is Rau's spectral character one man's hallucination
or perhaps something summoned from the underworld to play that soulful trumpet solo?"

- T. D. White, Director, Dinner on the Riviera

M.A.S. Swing Big Band
Rau sings "I Remember You"

NY 1’s Music Video Contest Show
Rau on trumpet & vocals

Gordon Gano & Ryan Brothers’ music video, "Wave & Water"
Rau on trumpet

Mariella Gonzalez’ music video, "Happy"
Rau on trumpet

M.A.S. Swing Big Band
Rau sings "Fever"

Kevin Bertotti’s reality show 100 Songs in 100 Days
Rau performing on “Soul Trigger” & “You Got Me Waitin’”

Chale Mizik’s Music Video Separasyon with Squish the Clown







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